Do you, or anyone you know, have trouble typing on the teeny tiny keypads found on just about all of our smartphones and other mobile devices? (Some call it the “Fat Finger Syndrome”.) Now, thanks to QR codes, a lot of that can be eliminated. You can easily have one or more of them created by utilizing QR code generators found on the internet. Most are low cost to use, or even free. What? You don’t think you need one? Actually you might need a few because they can be so useful in your business and personal lives. Those crazy little squares with the ink blot patterns are showing up everywhere these days.

IBO Social member Scott Edwards recently published an excellent press release titled “Top Mobile Marketing Tips and Tricks”. In it, he stated: “To gain customers and expand your brand, use QR codes. For sharing coupons, promotions and/or discounts, nothing is better.”… “Incorporating QR codes into your mobile marketing campaign is a great way to get your customers the information they want without pestering them with messages.” I agree. They can go on invoices, receipts, coupons, place mats, menus, signs, business cards — and that’s just scratching the surface. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity. “Scan to watch our video”. “Scan to watch a demonstration.” Scan to see our specials”. Scan to view our website”. The ideas just go on and on.

The fact is that there are actually gas additives (whether gasoline and also diesel) available that will give you results. The challenge is that most people are too afraid to give the good products a try. I remember seeing an article not too long ago that said why fuel additives do not do the job. Do you think they backed the statement up with specifics? No. The best point they could make was along the lines of, “Don’t you think the oil and gas businesses would already be doing everything they could to make a more effective product?” Certainly not a very good defense if you ask me.

If you are ready to jump into the world of marketing by using QR codes, it is very simple to do. You need to decide where you want people to go once they scan your code (i.e. your website or a specific landing page) and then use one of the many generator de carte bancaire available. One of my favorite code generators is beQRious. They provide a free code generator that allows you to create a variety of codes from basic codes that take visitors to your website or Vcard, to Graphical and Map codes. One of my favorite is the Graphical code which allows you to add an image to the center of QR code. You can also add your logo or another image. It’s an easy way to take your branding to the next step.

The point is that the original trading idea puts the stop loss point just beyond a major support or resistance area on the chart. It is a logical thing to do because it is known that other players in the trading game will perceive the support or resistance areas as a barrier. That barrier would have to be penetrated before the stop is triggered. This trading idea is arrived at quite independently of the best data generators.

The generator will let you choose the design you want, customize your designs and analyze as well as track the performance. The features will depend on what kind generator you will use. There are generators which only have few features whereas others have a lot. Also, you may choose a paid generator if you want to have more features.

I hope you found this article useful, I’ve done my best to explain Google AdWords from my own experiences. But the best way to learn is to open an account and experiment with the system. Don’t worry about making mistakes. You can set up your campaigns any way you like and set a budget of as little as $5 per day.